With almost 34 years of mechanical experience in maintenance, repairs and whole plant set-ups for all type of equipment provided by the German manufacturers “Wiggert, Wuerschum and Walter”, BPS provides the following service:

  • Repair and maintenance of all “Wiggert, Wuerschum and Walter” equipment
  • Inspections of used equipment – for sale or on sale
  • Supervision/inspection of customer set-up
  • Maintenance training
  • Retrofitting
  • “Off-site” service *

*Not all type of service requires a technician on site. With good response we developed a system were broken or maintenance-due parts will be shipped to BPS for a complete overhaul.

Mixer star bearing:

Many companies have an additional mixer star bearing for fast exchange in case of an emergency to ensure valuable production time is not traded for several days of waiting on new parts, technician and travel time. The damaged or maintenance-due mixer star bearing is shipped to BPS, were we disassemble and clean the unit. A thorough inspection determines if all major parts are still usable or have to be replaced, followed by surface sanding to remove nicks & sharp edges from air chisels. A second grease port on the opposite site for easy monthly maintenance. All bearings, bushings and seals are going to be replaced with genuine high quality brands like SFK or FAG and the unit gets filled with high grade roller bearing grease. A custom build re-usable shipping container provides safe transportation back to the customer. We include three 300mm long all threaded metric rods M12, an extra metric grease nipple and new installation bolts with each rebuilt mixer star bearing for a much lower price than a new mixer star bearing.

See our picture gallery of “rebuilding a mixer star bearing“.

RD3 wash-out units:

Some companies do not realize that their washout system is not doing the job right until it’s to late. The heads do stuck, will not move a bit and the breakers keep tripping. The whole head and shaft unit inside the mixer is baked into concrete over time. Just removing the concrete and changing the nozzles isn’t helping at all. The system is now out of work, sometimes for weeks, and the crew starts cleaning the mixer the old fashioned way again (chiseling), because concrete slurry got into the head, seizing up the bearing balls and gears.

Our solution is taking out the whole unit from the mixer, removing the shaft and head section, than cover the installation holes on the mixer . Send all (2, 3 or 4 units, depending on mixer size)  head- and shaft sections without the motor to BPS for a total rebuild. We remove all concrete, disassemble, sand blast, remove sharp edges and clear coat all stainless steel parts. Every seal, bearing balls, screw and nozzles will be replaced with new parts, assembled and tested for functionality, and shipped back for a low price.

See our picture gallery of “rebuilding a wash-out head unit”.