Single or Dual Main Pump Unit Parts

Some parts shown on this site are manufactured in the U.S.A., others are build by German manufacturers.

NP25-41-140 High Pressure Plunger Pump Pump head and gearbox                                                                       10.7 GPM with max. 2465 PSI

Seal kit      Plunger packing kit

Valve kit                  Valve assembly kit

Oil dipstick             Oil dip stick with aerated cap

Unloadervalve           Pressure actuated unloader valve G1/2″

Diaphragm Pressure Switch                            High pressure switch – G1/4″, stainless steel, pre-adjusted

Temperature sensor               Temperature sensor – G1/4″, pre-set temperature range

                 Flexible coupling – connecting pump with main motor

                Polyurethane spider for flexible coupling

more parts are shown soon