Processing Units

Signal Processing Units

Signal processing device MB1-F15M (Mono) or D (Dual)

This enclosed processing device with built-in transformer converts 115V into ±15VDC for systems which don’t have 24VDC control power available. The ±15VDC moisture sensor input power returns as 0-10VDC signal into the MB1 unit and converts  into 4-20mA for further processing. All MB1-F15…and -FMG… units are available for one (M) or 2 moisture sensors (D) and fit onto a 35mm DIN mounting track.


Signal processing device MB1-FMGM (Mono) or D (Dual)

The FMG… series has the same features like the F15… series and has additional built-in 0 and % trim potentiometers for dry material calibration “0” and “%” for the moistest material set point. Those two settings allow the largest measurable window for each material, e.g. sand 0-15% for a 4-20mA range or small rocks 0-8% for 0-20mA range.


FMP2 – Touch Panel and Display Unit

This with latest technology equipped processing unit combines all the features from all our MB1… processing devices and more. It’s front-mount panel design grants fast and easy access for setup, calibration and read-out. Equipped with an USB and RS485-interface (for long distances) for further signal processing. Usable for one or two moisture sensors, or for an extra large silos with two discharge gates to combine two sensors for an average moisture value.