You are welcome to take a look at our suppliers and some original manufacturers web sites if you need further information about the products we provide or care for.

Just click on one of the logos.

Werne& Thiel is our supplier for all types of moisture sensing probes and the                  state-of-the-art optical light absorption system (O.L.A.S.) to determine the density in gray water for recycle purpose.

WAM is our supplier for cement augers, silo-top filters and some butterfly valves.


Habermann Materials is our supplier for all high quality polyurethane parts like mixing shovels, side scrapers, aggregate liner plates, concrete discharge funnels (ready mix) and more.



If for any reason one of the here shown companies does not wish to be linked from our site to their web page, send a brief note to Please add contact name and phone  number for authentication and confirmation purpose.